DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts: U Complete Me Pillowcases

What is sweeter than loving words to rest your weary heads upon… especially when they spell out something as endearing as “U COMPLETE ME” when placed side by side.  All you  have to do is print the PDF file onto iron-on transfer paper and adhere them to your pillowcases.  Two additional hearts (one large and one small) included with the text file can be ironed onto the reverse or onto anything else that you wish.

What you’ll need: 

  • Two pillowcases (light colors will work best)
  • Iron-on Transfer Paper for light colored fabrics. (tee-shirt transfer paper).  Be sure that it is the correct type for your color printer.  You will need two sheets.(you can find them in Carrefour)
  • Color printer
  • Scissors
  • Iron (no steam)

How to:

 Download the free printable Valentine Iron-on transfer Here

  • Print the PDF onto transfer paper.  Cut out carefully around the text, leaving the letters attached with a small amount of the transfer paper .  Be careful not to scratch the surface of your transfer paper while working.  Note: the text will print backwards.  It will read correctly when applied to your pillowcases.
  • Lay your pillowcases out on a flat surface and line the words and letters up on your pillowcases with the paper-backing facing up (be sure that both sides of your text will line up to read correctly once the pillows are in use).  To give yourself an easy guide for lining up the two sections of text simply fold pillowcases in half lengthwise and insert a pin to mark where the center is.
  • A trick for ensuring that your text is straight before ironing, is to fold the lower half of your pillowcase up to the center (where you inserted the pin).  The bottom edge is now a nice straight guideline for you to arrange your words along. arrange the letters approximately 2 inches away from the outside edge so that when the pillowcase was stuffed the text would still be visible.
  • Once everything is straight iron your text following directions for use found inside your iron-on transfer paper packaging.
  • Allow design to cool for 2 minutes before carefully removing the paper backing.  For optimum usability and softness, wash before use.


Image courtesy of CreatureComforts

Hey Everyone! I’m Back :)

Remember me? The not-so-active blogger who has been away for almost 8 months?Well, finally, I’m back and oh how good it is to be back!! I haven’t intended to be away this long but between the birth of my daughter Mia and vacationing, time just flew!!!

Today’s post is just sharing a few pictures of my baby shower back in May, the day when Mia was born! Yes she was born on the baby shower, she couldn’t wait any longer 🙂

We had a couple’s baby shower, we were having too much fun, after everybody left, i started having terrible pain in My stomach… we rushed to the hospital, they found out i had Placenta abruptio and the oxygen was not reaching the baby.. some serious thing that rarely happens to pregnant women and very dangerous for babies and pregos, until now i don’t know how this happened to me …anyway i had to deliver that night at 33 weeks and thank god Mia and I were doing great.

Here are some pictures of the baby shower and Mia:


Look at those knees!!!! my feet were like balloons with little sausages at the end…and all my legs were swollen the last month…


The baby shower favors!!!


And here she comes!


Mia: our Bundle of joy


Mia’s souvenirs


Mia’s room


My sweet little family 🙂


Mia is almost 6 months now 🙂


And yes she looks exactly like her daddy 🙂

Bisou! Iman